We are manufacturing the permanent ground anchors and the protective materials of bolts within the domestic facilities.

The temporarily anchored shoring system used in deep excavation is spreading rapidly in our country. However, permanent anchors and bolts have not been used widely. These materials which are ordered from abroad with high costs are not affordable properly. It is also very difficult to provide at any time needed.

In order to overcome this deficiency, I am manufacturing entire head of plates and plastic materials of the permanent ground anchors and bolts which are I have been working on for a long time except its steel ropes and iron reinforcement. By utilizing my experience at worksite, I have tried to design the best. The cost was minimized compared to the import cost.

The permanent anchors and bolts are expected to protect anchors and bolts reinforcements inserted in the ground against corrosion for a long time. I have fully implemented this protection both on permanent anchors and permanent bolts as well.

Due to the difficulty of transportation of assembled permanent anchors, I made it more economical and practical by assembling at worksite.

All manufactured goods are completely made from domestic and original raw materials. Our manufactured goods are suitable for

  • 3 × 0.5, 4 × 0.5, 5 × 0.5, 6 ×0.5 and 4 × 0.6, 5 × 0.6, 6 ×0.6 inch of steel wire ropes
  • and Ø25, Ø28, Ø32, Ø40 of bolts.


Our manufactured goods:

  1. 3 Ropes of 0.6 Inch; 4 Ropes of 0.6 Inch- For Permanent Anchor Beam
  2. 3 Ropes of 0.5 Inch; 4 Ropes of 0.5 Inch- For Anchor Beam
  3. Anchor head of 3 hole, 4 hole 0.5 inch and 0.6 inch
  4. Corrugated pipe of Ø50
  5. Corrugated pipe of Ø75
  6. Corrugated pipe of Ø90
  7. Permanent anchor head cover
  8. Permanent anchor oil cap
  9. All kinds of anchor plates of 10º-15º-20º- metal manufacturing
  10. Interior seperator of corrugated pipe
  11. Downhole centering of corrugated pipe
  12. End plug of corrugated pipe
  13. Free zone sealing plug of permanent anchor
  14. Insulating plug of permanent anchor for the part of the head
  15. Permanent anchor head
  16. Temporary anchorage seperators
  17. Downhole centering of temporary anchorage
  18. Free zone sealing plug of temporary anchorage (3 ropes of 0.5 inch, 4 ropes of 0.6 inch, 3 Ropes of 0.6 inch, 4 Ropes of 0.6 inch)
  19. Free zone sealing plug of temporary anchorage (to prevent the rotation of test hydrolic jacks)
  20. End pilot plug of temporary anchorage
  21. Permanent anchorage bolts
  22. Interior centering of corrugated pipe on permanent bolts
  23. Anchor tester (digital 15 cm-20 cm-30 cm)
  24. Watertight rubber plugs to be used on drilling process of permanent and temporary anchorage.

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